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Texas has strict laws governing drunk driving, making it challenging to prevail in court. With skills and savvy, our attorneys build sound and effective criminal defenses for our clients. For you, we will never stop fighting for your rights. Our focus is on the best possible outcome.

Blood tests are considered more accurate than field and breath testing. However, the process is not perfect. Specific procedures must be followed in the drawing of blood and the custody of the sample. Laboratory errors, improper procedures or contaminated samples could result in a challenge to the findings.

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If your blood alcohol content (BAC) registers 0.08 percent or greater, you could be charged with suspicion of drunk driving. While blood tests may be the most reliable way of testing BAC, problems can arise in the equipment or procedures.

Proactive measures must be taken in securing legal counsel. From the moment you are arrested, you need an attorney at your side to challenge the blood test. The stakes are high with DWI convictions carrying severe penalties beyond incarceration and fines. You could lose your license, have your vehicle impounded or pay hefty insurance premiums.

Disputing the findings of a blood test as part of a DWI defense presents challenges that require a dedicated and diligent attorney. From the moment he takes your case, Richmond DWI blood test lawyer Larry McDougal employs all his resources toward getting to the facts and the truth. He attends to every detail of the blood testing, from the initial blood draw to the chain of custody of the sample. Any mistakes will be brought to the attention of the courts for possible reduction or dismissal of charges.

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