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Do You Qualify for Fort Bend County Drug Court?


Some individuals who receive drug or alcohol-related convictions in Fort Bend County may qualify for the CARD program. This diversionary court system, sometimes called drug court, helps people struggling with addiction move forward with a sober, crime-free future. 

If you are facing a court date for this type of charge, learn more about whether CARD is right for you. 

Eligibility qualifications 

CARD is open to felony offenders with no history of violence whose convictions involve drugs or alcohol. You may be eligible to enter the CARD program if you acknowledge your substance use disorder and want to enter recovery. You must be an active participant during your time in the program and have a way to get to and from meetings and sessions. 

What to expect 

This program lasts between 12 and 18 months, with a preliminary phase followed by three distinct phases that incorporate court intervention, behavior modification, peer support, and both individual and group therapy. 

After a drug or DUI arrest, eligible individuals will receive a screening interview at the county jail. Candidates who are interested in CARD and qualify for the program enter the preliminary recovery exposure phase. This three-week orientation to the program reviews the court and substance abuse treatment requirements, followed by: 

  • Phase One (22 weeks), which includes at least four days of substance abuse therapy each week, weekly court appearances, individual and/or family therapy, random urine drug tests and weekly visits to the CARD office 
  • Phase Two (eight weeks), which includes weekly substance abuse therapy, monthly counseling, weekly 12-step program meetings, monthly visits to the CARD office, random urine drug tests and court appearances every other week 
  • Phase Three (12 weeks), which includes actively working with a 12-step sponsor, monthly CARD office visits, monthly court appearances, random urine drug testing, individual and/or family therapy and peer support group meetings 

After a drunk driving or drug trafficking offense, consider starting on the path to a substance-free, crime-free lifestyle with the CARD program.