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Aggressive Drug Crime Defense in Texas

If you face criminal prosecution on drug crimes involving marijuana, cocaine, or illegal prescription drugs, your future is in jeopardy. Without representation from a skilled Richmond drug crime lawyer, your rights and freedom may be at stake.

As a lawyer with more than 37 years of criminal defense experience, our founding attorney, Larry P. McDougal Sr., knows the full range of treatment, diversion, and deferred adjudication options that not only may lead to a positive outcome for your immediate problem but also may help you protect a clean record. In addition, in more severe cases involving repeat offenses or drug distribution, he knows how to spot the weaknesses in the government’s evidence. This can lead to a dismissal or reduction of the charges against you.

Arrested for a drug crime? Contact The Law Office of Larry P. McDougal for a free consultation about the best ways to beat the drug crime case against you.

Advice on Drug Felonies or Misdemeanors

Larry P. McDougal Sr. is a former police officer and prosecuting attorney. This experience helps him to read between the lines of police statements and witness statements. Even the omission of information an experienced attorney would expect to see in these documents can open the door toward executing an effective defense strategy.

As a drug crime defense attorneys in Richmond, we advise clients about the most effective ways to resolve a wide range of misdemeanor and felony drug crimes involving:

Prescription Drug Charges in Texas

In addition to defending drug crime cases related to illegal substances, our law firm represents clients facing charges of illegally possessing or selling prescription drugs such as OxyContin, oxycodone, and Vicodin.

In any drug crime case, our Richmond drug crime attorneys aim to expand the options available to resolve the issue. For example, suppose drugs were seized from your car or your home. In that case, we’ll consider the possibility of keeping that evidence out of the record based on search and seizure law.

If you are facing criminal charges with a borderline felony, we will try to get the case reduced to a misdemeanor. We'll try to sidestep the criminal justice system if you're eligible for diversion or deferred adjudication.

Defending Against Drug Charges in Richmond, TX

If you have been charged with a drug crime in Richmond, TX, it is crucial to seek the assistance of an experienced drug crime attorney. At The Law Office of Larry P. McDougal, we understand the serious consequences that drug charges can have on your life and future. Our team is dedicated to providing aggressive defense strategies to protect your rights and fight for the best possible outcome.

Why choose our law firm for your drug crime defense:

  • Extensive knowledge of Texas drug laws
  • Years of experience defending clients against drug charges
  • Proven track record of successful case outcomes
  • Personalized attention and tailored defense strategies
  • Strong negotiation skills to potentially reduce charges or penalties
  • Thorough investigation and analysis of evidence

Don't face drug charges alone. Contact The Law Office of Larry P. McDougal today for a free case evaluation and let us fight for your rights and freedom.

Contact The Law Office of Larry P. McDougal

For more information about the ways an experienced Richmond drug crime lawyer can protect your interests, contact The Law Office of Larry P. McDougal by email or call us at (281) 823-9377.

Ready to get started on your drug crime case? Contact our Richmond drug crime attorney today to discuss your defense.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are the consequences of drug crimes in Richmond, TX?

Drug crimes in Richmond, TX can have serious consequences. Depending on the specific offense, penalties may include fines, probation, mandatory drug treatment programs, and imprisonment. Repeat offenses and drug distribution charges can result in even harsher penalties.

What are the possible defenses for drug crime charges?

There are several possible defenses for drug crime charges. These can include challenging the legality of the search and seizure, questioning the credibility of witnesses, presenting evidence of a lack of intent to distribute, or proving that the drugs did not belong to the accused. An experienced drug crime attorney can assess the details of the case and determine the best defense strategy.

Can a drug crime conviction be expunged from my record?

In some cases, it may be possible to have a drug crime conviction expunged from your record. Expungement laws vary by state, and certain criteria must be met. Consulting with a knowledgeable drug crime attorney can help you understand whether expungement is a possibility in your case.

What is the difference between a drug felony and a drug misdemeanor?

The main difference between a drug felony and a drug misdemeanor is the severity of the offense and the potential penalties. Drug felonies generally involve more serious drug crimes, such as drug trafficking or manufacturing, and carry harsher penalties, including longer prison sentences. Drug misdemeanors typically involve lesser offenses, such as simple possession, and may result in shorter jail terms or probation.

Can I be charged with drug possession if the drugs were not found on my person?

Yes, you can still be charged with drug possession even if the drugs were not found on your person. If the prosecution can establish that you had control over the drugs or knowledge of their presence, you may be charged with possession. This can include drugs found in your home, car, or other property.

What should I do if I have been arrested for a drug crime in Richmond, TX?

If you have been arrested for a drug crime in Richmond, TX, it is important to seek legal representation as soon as possible. Contact a skilled drug crime attorney who can guide you through the legal process, protect your rights, and develop a strong defense strategy tailored to your specific case.

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