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Marijuana Possession Charges Do Not Mean Conviction For A Crime Is Imminent

Seasoned legal advocacy is vital to prevent life-changing consequences of an arrest for suspicion of marijuana possession. Jail or prison time and significant fines are only the beginning. A criminal record could affect where you live, attend school and work.

Larry P. McDougal Sr. has more than 37 years of experience fighting for his clients’ facing serious drug possession charges, focusing on protecting their freedoms and rights.

Larry P. McDougal Sr., recipient of the 2009 President’s Award from the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, has a reputation for securing the best outcomes on behalf of his clients.

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Marijuana and other drug possession laws are strict in the state of Texas. The smallest amount of marijuana up to a pound can result in fines and several months in jail. While those cases carry mandatory probation and drug treatment, anything more than a pound imposes mandatory jail time and fines. More than five pounds and the court assumes drug trafficking.

Limiting the impact of the marijuana possession charges you face requires effective strategies for your defense. Texas marijuana sales attorney Larry P. McDougal Sr. conducts thorough investigations and analyzes the circumstances surrounding your case. Throughout his career handling drug crime cases, he has:

  • Identified mistakes made by law enforcement
  • Suppressed evidence collected through illegal search and seizure
  • Argued for dismissal based on weak evidence
  • Sought a reduction in charges
  • Negotiated alternatives to incarceration and reduction in penalties

Take immediate action following an arrest for suspicion of marijuana possession. Protect your rights and your best interests by scheduling a free initial consultation.

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