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Whether driven by addiction or recreational use, misuse of prescription painkillers and other prescription-only medications is widespread. This has led to a crackdown on users and dealers as well as medical providers. Many people do not realize that illegal possession of these drugs is a serious felony.

If you are accused of drug possession, intent to distribute or other prescription drug crimes, you will need an experienced attorney to minimize the consequences. With nearly four decades of combined experience, The Law Office of Larry McDougal has defended thousands accused of drug-related offenses. Our Richmond criminal defense lawyers serve clients throughout Fort Bend County, Texas.

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Most doctors now email prescriptions directly to the pharmacy, making it more difficult and more dangerous to obtain prescription meds for improper use. However, some people will go to several physicians or pain management clinics to obtain multiple prescriptions or resort to street dealers or theft.

No matter the quantity (a few pills) or the drug of choice (OxyContin, Vicodin, ecstasy, codeine syrup or “lean”), it is still a felony to illegally obtain or distribute controlled substances.

We have experience with all types of prescription drug offenses, including:

  • Possession of prescription drugs without a valid prescription
  • Doctor shopping and other prescription fraud
  • Sale, distribution or theft of controlled substances
  • Unlawfully prescribing or dispensing medications

Fort Bend County Prescription Drug Defense Law Firm

Attorney Larry P. McDougal Sr. is a former police officer and prosecutor who uses his law enforcement background to your advantage. He knows how to challenge the evidence and the methods to mitigate the consequences. He is ready to go to trial if necessary to protect your freedom, your professional license or employment, and your future.

Our goal is to resolve your case with minimal impact on your life. We can sometimes get charges dismissed or evidence suppressed on grounds of improper search and seizure or lack of probable cause for a traffic stop. First-time offenders or clients with addiction issues may qualify for reduced charges, drug treatment or diversion programs to avoid a felony or misdemeanor conviction and jail or prison time.

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We represent those accused of drug possession or intent to distribute as well as doctors, pharmacists, nurses and others whose medical careers are on the line. Contact The Law Office of Larry McDougal to speak with our Richmond prescription drug crime defense lawyers. Reach us by phone at (281) 823-9377.

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