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Domestic Violence Cases Are Often Overcharged

Get the legal help you need. With a practice focused on both family law and criminal defense, The Law Office of Larry McDougal offers comprehensive client service to people concerned with any aspect of domestic violence — criminal assault charges, civil protective orders, and the effect of an arrest or conviction on your family or professional interests.

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Any domestic violence incident puts you at immediate risk of a whole range of consequences:

  • Misdemeanor or felony prosecution, depending on the extent of the injury or whether there’s a protective order already in place
  • Mandatory arrest if police observe any sign of injury, including a red mark or a scratch
  • Entry of a protective order that will prevent contact with the alleged victim, restrict your movements and, in some cases, even require you to find a new place to live
  • Loss of gun ownership and possession rights while a protective order is in place
  • Professional disciplinary proceedings against people in such occupations as medicine, nursing, law enforcement, counseling, teaching or coaching

While advising you about the criminal aspects of a family violence case, our defense attorneys can also help you deal with the less immediate but equally important problems that you might need to face with a family court situation or professional licensing complaint.

Our team knows how to present your side of the story so as to cut the allegations down to size. The earlier you engage the services of a knowledgeable attorney, the wider your options will be toward a favorable resolution. You’ll also get sound advice about how best to avoid the chance of a protective order violation.

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